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Give your property a mobility upgrade with Ivan elevator. If you’re a residential property developer or owner, you can count on us for your residential elevator that is safe, stylish, and highly efficient.

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    We are India's foremost company in installing and servicing elevators!

    Everyday, We keep hundreds of our customers happy boasting India’s most extensive portfolio. You can discover our presence in numerous iconic structures, bustling transportation hubs, and thriving retail centres across India. Our reach extends wherever people are in motion.


    lowrise elevator

    Low-Rise Elevators

    For small buildings, homes, and apartments with up to 5 floors.

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    midrise elevator

    Mid-Rise Elevators

    For mid-size buildings with less than 15 stops.

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    highrise elevator

    High-Rise Elevators

    For high-rise buildings with more than 16+ stops that get heavy traffic and have unique needs.

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    goods elevator

    Goods Elevators

    Goods lifts typically handle loads ranging from 500 to 6000 Kg, making them ideal for transporting heavy goods between building floors.

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    residential elevator


    Whether you’re running late to work or eager to get home after a long day, our elevators help get you to your destination with comfortable, quiet rides. Our residential elevators are built with cutting-edge technology, including safety-coated steel belts that make for smoother rides, increased durability, and maximum uptime.

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    retail industry


    When shoppers are out and about, they want to move with ease and get to their next destination as quickly and smoothly as possible. We understand just how important the quality of each visit to your store is for customer shopping experience and loyalty.

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    office lift


    Between business lunches & last-minute meetings, timing is everything in office environments. Our commercial elevators are equipped to help manage planning for the morning, mid-day, & afternoon rush with a myriad of tools around destination management.

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    hospital elevator


    In any hospital or healthcare facility, it’s crucial for elevators to be up and running 24/7 so patient care can be prioritized. With comprehensive service packages and a strong commitment to providing reliable and durable products, our hospital elevators are designed to maximize uptime and ensure that the elevator is there when patients and healthcare providers need it.

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    hotel industry


    On a dream vacation, no one wants to waste time waiting for an elevator. Our hotel and resort elevators are designed to maximize elevator uptime and keep guests moving – even during peak hours like the morning breakfast rush.

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    multiuse building


    In public spaces, passenger mobility is always on. That’s why our products are built to withstand heavy traffic during peak travel hours in airports and railway, metro, and subway stations. We’re committed to working with you to find solutions that are accessible and built to save space and keep people moving around the clock.

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    "Installing IVAN lifts in our industrial facility has greatly improved operational efficiency. Employees appreciate the convenience, and it has positively impacted productivity."

    Ravi Kapoor

    "IVAN lifts have become an essential addition to our residential projects. The safety features and smooth operation have enhanced the overall value of our properties."

    Ananya Singh

    "IVAN lifts have added a luxurious touch to our high-rise residential buildings. Residents appreciate the convenience, and it has become a significant selling point for our projects."

    Priya Verma

    "Choosing IVAN lifts for our office building was a wise investment. The speed and reliability of these lifts have had a positive impact on daily business operations."

    Sameer Gupta

    "The installation of IVAN lifts in our textile factory has not only eased movement across floors but also improved accessibility for everyone, including differently-abled workers."

    Rohit Sharma